Friday, November 26, 2004

American and British spelling differences in SwissProt!

American and British spelling differences :
"Last updated: November 24, 2004 Whenever appropriate, Swiss-Prot uses american spelling conventions (instead of british spelling). The following file lists words whose spelling differs. This list is derived from one created by Jeremy Smith and available at: The original author used the Concise Oxford Dictionary, 8th Ed. 1990 for the British side and the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, 1993 for the American side, chosen as the best to reflect contemporary usage of generally used words. Many spelling differences are the result of simplifying obsolete spellings that in many cases are vestiges of other languages, such as French, Latin or Greek. You will find in this file a section that lists alternative spellings of a number of scientific terms. The term used in Swiss-Prot is indicated on the leftward column and the alternate spelling at the right. We also include a list of 'common' spelling errors (at least they are common among Swiss-Proters!) "

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Corporate news:

M1T1 Streptococci sign two new pacts with two emerging bacteriophages. According to the pacts, Streptococci will offer the two phages save haven. In exchange, the prophages will provide two strategic weapons (SpeA and Sda) that enhance Streptococcal invasion of Homo sapiens.

Inter-Kingdoms news:

All Streptococcal tribes signed common defense agreements with other inhabitants of Homo sapiens pharynx and tonsils. The signing tribes will be responsible for information exchange through LGTT! (LATERAL GENE TRANSFER TREATY)

Sda1: latest anti-DNA potent weapon:

M1T1 Streptococci have improved the short range Sda to a better model. Sda2 is 44 kDa and can degrade both DNA and RNA.

Space War news:

Foreign missiles (antibodies) fired against our most potent weapons (Virulence factors, e.g., SpeB, SpeF, Sda2, Ska, and SLO) stopped our advance in mice blood. However, these antibodies didn’t stop our successful colonization of Mus musculus connective tissue.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

National Security

We detected some primitive spying devices used by Homo sapiens researchers. The devices consist of cheap glass slides on which the DNA of our martyrs is printed. After bribing some of our finest bacteria by growing them in rich nutrients, they torture them, kill them, extract their guts, label them, and use them to unfold our genetic secrets. Homo sapiens are willing to pay at least $200 per what they call “MICROARRAY CHIPS”. We must stop them and we will prevail!

Who are we?

We are the pus-generating streptococci. Humans have called us Streptococcus pyogens or pus-generating bead-like spheres because our individuals are formed of different numbers of spheres that look like the human beads. When we visit the human body, humans and their cells generate sticky material to get rid of us, and they kill lot of us; although we mean no harm to them. This material mixed to our dead cellsl form what humans know as pus. Yak!
While we despise this nomenclature, its the only way that we can be known to the intelligent human race, members of the genus Homo!